Improving the interface of the PartyPoker game client

Company Partypoker gave its users a great gift by introducing a new update to its premier gaming poker client. Changes began to appear gradually, starting in mid-October, and, as the developers assure, all these updates, in the end, will constitute a larger overall set of changes that should make the game client even more beautiful and easier to use. The changes that can be seen now relate mainly to the graphic component.

First of all, this concerns a new way of displaying stacks, in connection with which tournament participants can now use a simple button called Chips / Blinds to change the way stacks and bet sides appear.

Also, users will now be able to make special notes during the game that will concern their opponents. This will help you better remember the distinguishing features of your opponents, their tactics and techniques.

As for the graphical component of the client, the main innovations here concern the ability to set special settings, changing, for example, map styles. Moreover, you can see how they will look in the end in these settings.

Tournament lobbies have also been slightly redesigned to display more important information. For example, users now see a clock and a timer that signals the end of a level. Players can study in more detail the data on the current blinds, as well as on late players, the average stack amount and other important nuances. On the interface, this can be found on both sides of the clock.

The creators of the application say that they will continue to work on improving their client, and the updates will also concern the addition of a special list of tournament participants, as well as a convenient search and changes regarding the structure of the main tabs with information about the prizes and satellites being played.

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