How to register at 888 Poker

888 registration is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy all the features of a poker room to the fullest. After installing the client on your Android or iOS device, it is recommended that you proceed immediately to the registration procedure. It is worth approaching this in all seriousness, since you can register for eights once in a lifetime.

How to register

We will analyze the registration procedure literally in steps:

How to register
  1. First you need to go to the main page of the official 888 website. There is a “Registration” button, clicking on which the site visitor will see the registration form, which he will have to carefully fill out without missing a single cell.
  2. The poker player must come up with a username and password that will be useful to him to enter the client. The password, on the one hand, should not be guessed by chance or by “typing” method, but on the other hand, the player must remember it. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a combination that causes an associative relationship. If the password was nevertheless forgotten, the system of control questions, which are provided for from one to five, will help to restore it. You can choose standard options or come up with your own.
  3. In the appropriate fields, it is proposed to indicate the postal address, postal code, and also a telephone number. Mandatory field - email address. No need to fear spam - the room will not bother you with letters unless you check the box. But we would recommend you to subscribe to the newsletter in order to find out in time about the promotions organized by the room.
Registration Fill

After filling in all the fields, be sure to double-check the relevance of the data. If everything is correct, click the "send" button. In the near future - usually no more than five minutes - a letter will be sent to the indicated email address with a confirmation link. If after 10 minutes there is no message, check the spam sections. If you use the Gmail mail service, a letter from the room can be placed in the “promo” or “social networks” sections.

If you register from a home computer that is not used by strangers, you can use the password storage function. But you should not use it on a working computer or a “car” in an Internet cafe.


This completes the registration, but you are not yet a full member of the club. If you want to play poker for real money and withdraw winnings, you will definitely need to confirm your personal data, that is, go through verification.

The provided data will be checked “live” by the room manager. Having discovered deliberately false information, it will block the account for life without the possibility of re-registration, so you should not even try to trick the system. This is done in the interests of the players in order to combat fraud, so the need to confirm the data should be approached with understanding.

What documents are needed:

  1. Identity card - passport, driver’s license or other documents that can confirm the identity. The manager is interested in pages indicating the name, date of birth, registration (registration) at the place of residence, date of birth.
  2. Place of residence - if this information is not in the provided certificate. it will have to be specified separately. Information should be relevant (up to three months).

Usually enough scans, but in some cases 888 registration requires notarized copies, which the manager asks to send by mail.

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