Freerolls at PartyPoker - conditions for participation in free tournaments

Players wishing to replenish their bankroll without risks can use a freeroll password in PartyPoker. This is a tournament without a forced entry, but with a guaranteed reward for reaching the prize zone or winning. Depending on the format of the poker event, the winners will receive: tournament tickets, real money, tickets to live tournaments.

PartyPoker freerolls

Types of freerolls at Partypoker

Freerolls are poker events with free registration, in which valuable rewards are raffled:

  • Money (tournament or real);
  • Tickets to prestigious tournaments;
  • Gifts with the emblem of the room (poker sets, things, cups).

No buy-in tournaments can be public or private. All users of the room can take part in the first one, and to access the second one you need to present a ticket, password, make a deposit, etc.

Freeroll classification at Partypoker -

Tournament formatTournament information
PublicThe open registration competition is for all players with an account at PartyPoker. Usually, several hundred or even thousands of players participate in open freerolls. They are sponsored by the room, so the guaranteed prize is small
RegionalThe poker event is intended for players living in certain countries, regions. For example, PartyPoker Sochi has tournaments available only to users from the Russian Federation.
TickettedPlayers with a ticket can register for the event. It is issued when certain conditions are met - the collection of a certain number of loyalty points, replenishment of the game account
FreebayYou can register for such a freeroll for free, but re-entry and stack are bought for money
Password-protectedA password is required to participate in the tournament. Since freerolls at PartyPoker are held within the framework of different promotions, codes can be published in several sources - on the site of the room, its pages in social networks
From affiliateThis is a private tournament organized with the support of PartyPoker's official partners. Registration is available to beginners who have registered in the room using a referral link or with a promo code. In freerolls from the affiliate, large prize money is drawn, and the number of players usually does not exceed several hundred people

Tournament players tend to get into private freerolls, as few people participate in them, and the winners get good money.

Where can I find passwords for PartyPoker freerolls?

To register in many private freerolls of the room, passwords are required, which can be found in the following sources:

  • On the PartyPoker website - if the event is part of a large-scale promotion;
  • On the partner's website - if the tournament is held or sponsored by the room's affiliate;
  • On PartyPoker social media pages - if the event is intended for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook subscribers.

We are official partners of PartyPoker, so you can always find fresh passwords for private freerolls on our website. To access up-to-date information at the right time, add the Internet address of the portal to your browser bookmarks.

How do I take part in the PartyPoker freeroll?

To register for a tournament without a buy-in, you only need to take a few steps:

  • Step 1 - open the main lobby. Run the client program and log in with your username.
  • Step 2 - Filter Tournaments. Go to the "Tournaments" tab and click on the "Buy-ins" column. Sort events by cost increase.
  • Step 3 - sign up for the freeroll. The tournaments with no forced entry will appear at the top of the list. Click on the line with any of them and at the very bottom click on "Lobby". Check out the details of the freeroll - the start time, the game format, the period when the blinds rise. If you like everything, click on "Register".

Note! If the tournament is closed, you will have to present a special code or ticket.

If you want to compete for a solid guarantee for free, be sure to use your freeroll password at PartyPoker!

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