How to play at 888Poker - poker room review in 2020

If you decide to seriously take up poker in 2019 or want to while away your free evening with maximum comfort and good gaming dynamics, the client 888Poker it's worth downloading right now. After all, the Eights and their ten million players field, the data is taken from wikipedia (there will be enough recreational ones for everyone!) will welcome you into their warm arms and provide you with everything you need.

You can play 888 Poker using a mobile client or through the web version in a browser. But compared with these options, a full-fledged PC client has several advantages:

  • Maximum security
  • High speed and stability
  • Extensive interface customization options

The last point should be given special attention. Indeed, thanks to it, you can adjust the design of tables and cards in accordance with your preferences, as well as adjust the sound, alerts, etc.

Ripened in order to finally download the client? Then let's go!

We open the official website. Problems? There is a solution

Download client installation package 888 poker You can from the official website on the Internet. However, recently a large number of users have encountered problems at the first, seemingly simple, step. Access to the site of the Eights is blocked by the Internet provider. What to do?

There is always a way out. In this case, there are even several to choose from. The first option is to use a proxy server. The second is to open the site using a VPN. Those who are used to using the Opera browser or have not bothered to remove it, just turn on Turbo mode. Or you can download a special TOP browser, which opens access to any sites.

Well, there are a lot of options for opening the 888 Poker site. So you can easily move on to the next step.

Download and install the client. Registration at 888 Poker

On the main page of the G8 official website, the Download button is located in the upper left corner. You need it. Click on the button, if necessary, specify the folder to download and confirm the start of the download.

After a few moments, the 888 Poker client installation package will be on your computer. To start it, open the download folder and click on the appropriate shortcut.

In the window that opens, select installation options - settings for creating shortcuts, a folder for installation. Without a checkmark on agreement with the terms of the license agreement, you can’t do either.

When the installation is completed, you can look for a shortcut to launch the client on your desktop (unless of course you ticked off with permission to create it). Or look for a shortcut in the root folder of the application. During the first launch, you will need to enter the login and password for the account. If you have not managed to create it yet, it does not matter. You can register in the room directly through the client.

You will need to fill in just a few small fields. Standard data - name, place of residence, date of birth, address of residence and other address - email.

By the way, be careful when filling out the data - you will have to confirm it later. But these are standard and non-essential formalities that should not prevent you from downloading 888 Poker.

Promotions 888 Poker: no deposit bonus, gifts for the first replenishment and other prizes

Promotions 888 Poker is an opportunity to increase your bankroll through gifts. And you do not have to fulfill any additional conditions - prizes are awarded for the most common actions on the platform.

Promotions of Eights will allow you to start a poker career without investments. Many players do not invest in the game, creating a bank with the first gifts. Let's take a closer look at the offers available at 888poker.

No deposit bonus

The first nice gift is a reward only for registration. Moreover, users will be able to count on a reward of up to $88 only for creating a profile.

Accrual occurs in several stages. The first part of the money will be transferred immediately after creating the account:

  • $2 will be credited to your account for playing at 888 tables;
  • $6 will be awarded in the form of tickets for the tournament series with real prize money.

To accrue the following parts of the reward, you have to play the Eights and make real bets. Earn 888poker points, you can exchange them for a bonus. Such an initial reward will help you get comfortable in the poker room, as well as get acquainted with tournaments.

First reward rewards

Poker players who make a down payment in the room will receive various generous gifts from the administration.

Plus $10 to deposit

By making a transaction in the amount of $10, you will receive an additional bonus amount. To do this, you will have to enter the code when processing the transaction. In the special field write “10PLUS"- and the reward will be in your account.

Note that you cannot withdraw money immediately. The bonus amount will need to be won back by earning 3.5 rake points for one dollar received.

Up to $600 optional

G8 players can double their first deposit up to $600. The room gives hundreds of dollars to those who will be ready to work for this award. That is, to win rake and earn room points - for every 100 points you will receive an additional $10 to your account. And so on until the full amount is won back.

Tournament Tickets

An additional prize for the first deposit - invites to profitable tournaments. 7 tickets for the series with a fund of 500 dollars, 2 tickets for tournaments with prizes of 1,000 dollars and a ticket for a satellite for a major event. Such a reward will allow you to get comfortable in a tournament game, gain valuable experience and earn even more money.

Loyalty program

888poker club

Eights have developed a unique loyalty program. Players will complete missions, earn special room points and raise levels for it. Each new level will bring gifts to the user - additional prizes await those who reach every fifth level. Performing missions during the daily game will allow you to diversify the gameplay, get acquainted with various types of poker, increase profits. Of course, this is not all the shares that are on the platform. A lot of temporary rallies start in the room. Often they are timed to holidays. Promotions 888 Poker will allow you to get even more pleasure from playing in your favorite room and enjoy every new day!

Promo codes for 888poker room for 2019

Promo codes 888 Poker is an opportunity to receive additional bonuses in the room. Often, in order to take part in any action, you will need a special code. Often users do not even realize that you can find a combination in a few minutes on the network.

888poker promotional codes

Why are codes needed?

A similar system allows you to benefit both poker players and developers of the room. The former receive additional bonuses, tickets for tournaments and other goodies. The latter attract more traffic and provide themselves with greater profit.

Promotional codes can be used for the following purposes:

  • Receiving additional money in the account;
  • The ability to go to closed tables;
  • Access to free tournaments from Eights;
  • Level increase in the room VIP program;
  • Participation in additional bonus promotions.

What promotional codes can be used in the room in 2019?

In order to increase your profit from playing in the room, use the following fresh promotional codes in 2019:

  • 10PLUS. This code should be entered when making the first deposit on the site. This promotion is constantly renewed and you have every chance to get extra money into your account when depositing from $ 10 (+ $ 10 from the administration);
  • BLAST100. Enter the code when replenishing your account in order to be able to buy tickets for Blast tournaments at a low price - only $ 1 for 1 invite;
  • EXTRA5. An additional five dollars for those who make a contribution of $ 10 or more;
  • 10ontop. Another 10 dollars to the one who makes a contribution of 30 dollars.

Note that some promotional codes may not work - it depends on the site administration. But if you enter a non-working promotional code, you will not lose anything.

Where to look for new promotional codes for 888poker?

We wrote you about the most famous codes that are not so difficult to find using a search engine. But to gain access to other bonuses, you need to spend more time.

Use the following methods to search:

  • Social networks. Subscribe to room accounts on social networks. Often there the most necessary information is laid out there - for example, combinations for entering individual freerolls;
  • Official site. It does not hurt to check the official page of the Eights - often in the news you can find the treasured information;
  • Check mail. The one that you indicated during registration - it is quite possible that a letter with a gift code is already waiting for you. At 888 they like surprises;
  • Chat with other players. Often, these connections will help you get codes for free;
  • Check poker forums. And yes, users can share their cherished combinations openly. Often codes are written directly on the forums, you just have to look a little.

Stay tuned for news updates in our VK group we often post new promotional codes and passwords for 888 poker freerolls!

The peculiarity of holding tournaments using codes is that the circle of players who will gain access to the series will be limited. This will allow you to increase your chances of winning the tournament.

Often, with the help of such a system, the administration tries to somehow differentiate players by level - for example, free tournaments for beginners are created, where only those who have recently created a profile are invited. Or, conversely, series are created for those who have already gained experience in the game and who can fight for a larger bank with strong rivals.

Use the 888 Poker promo codes with the greatest benefit, look for additional information about promotions and get all the benefits of playing on the popular platform.

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