New Asian Room PokerOk: Real Money Game

This is a review PokerOk - a room with one of the highest activities. Previously, this playground was called Lotos Poker. In 2018, many players faced the problem of delayed payments. The support service could not help users, and a little later everyone was informed about the bankruptcy of the company that owned the room.

Despite this, all the players saved their money and were able to transfer deposits to the updated PokerOk site and continue playing here. In January 2019, the new room was officially launched.    

From bankrupt to flagships

The playground has retained many players since the time of Lotus Poker and remained within the Asian network GG Network. This network is one of the five leaders in terms of the number of active users.   

PokerOk has quickly increased its player base by 20% and is currently considered one of the largest rooms in this network. In Russia, the site is still known under the old name, but the owners are investing heavily in promoting a new brand.

Tournaments and cash games

Tournaments and cash games

The largest number of players here is observed in the late evening and at night Moscow time. At PokerOk you can find filled tables with various limits. The most popular are the NL10-NL50, but you can find 1-2 tables for high rollers with limits up to NL20000.    

The most popular discipline, unlike other rooms, is Omaha. It is played by more users than in Texas Hold'em. At peak times, you can find up to 15 tables at various limits.  

Players can play in a rather interesting format All-In or Fold. The buy-in for this event is only 8 big blinds. After receiving the cards, the player must either discard them or enter all-in. This format is especially popular among players from China and Malaysia, but domestic gamblers quite often appear here.  

MTO tournaments in Hold'em and Omaha are regularly held at PokerOk. Beginners are invited to play at the PokerOK Cup. This is a series of tournaments with a small buy-in - 5 cents and a guaranteed prize pool. Such events take place three times a day. Based on their results, a ranking is made of the first 20 places which share a prize fund of $ 500 each month.   

Backing exchange

Backing exchange

This is a truly unique offer for all users of PokerOk. Here you can sell tournament stakes officially through the lobby of the room. How it works:

  1. The user makes a buy-in and becomes a participant in the tournament. After that, he puts up shares for sale with or without extra charge at his discretion.  
  2. Before the start of the event, the shares are in free sale.
  3. Immediately after the acquisition of one or more funds are debited from the player’s internal account, but the buyer receives them only after the end of the tournament. 
  4. After completion, each buyer automatically receives funds in accordance with the acquired shares. 

Before making a purchase, it is recommended to go to the seller’s profile and see the statistics of his hit on the prize places of the tournament tables.

Rush & cash

Rush & cash

This is a special kind of fast poker with instant movement to a new table after a pass. All players bet the big blind, and the user on the button is 2 big blinds, after which the flop opens.  

This format allows you to earn internal points platform called Cash Drops. They allow you to return up to 65% of the played rake.  

You need RMB to play Rush & Cash. But in the room there is an automatic conversion at the approved rate, so you can not worry about a large commission. 


Beginners can get welcome bonus up to $ 1,000, regardless of the deposit amount. To do this, you need to clear the rake 10 times the amount of the bonus. 180 days are given for this. The amount is divided into 5 dollars.  

Loyalty program. The longer you play, the higher status you get. It allows you to receive more and more rakeback.  

Honeymoon. This is a kind of quest for 30 tasks. You can skip them, but you can’t return to the missed ones. For the most part, the tasks are simple, but there are those that only a professional can handle. To start the quest, you must activate it in your account within 3 days after registration. 

This is where the review of PokerOk is over - download the client and play poker with pleasure!

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