PokerDom Betting: Betting Features

Sports Betting Poker house - the opportunity to earn on betting. You can choose one of the upcoming events or a match / duel that is taking place right now and put one of the teams to win. You can bet on other parameters, not only on victory: the number of goals, the time of the match, the gap in the account and other options will be available on the site.

Benefits of Poker Dom

The bookmaker is based on the Digitain platform. This is an optimized site functionality that allows players to place bets in just a few clicks.

In addition, users will be able to use the following functions when working on a resource:

  • Watch online broadcasts of the competitions that are taking place now;
  • See the results of matches and events that are updated in real time;
  • Use a calculator to calculate the optimal bet size for a particular event;
  • View a convenient calendar with upcoming events in the world of sports;
  • View analysis of past matches.

What sports can I bet on?

What sports can I bet on?

Praforma offers a wide selection of sports events for which you can bet. Here are most sports that are available to betters:

  • Badminton;
  • Golf;
  • Snooker;
  • Boxing;
  • Cricket;
  • Netball;
  • Gaelic football;
  • Hockey with a ball;
  • Baseball;
  • Football;
  • Tennis;
  • Futsal
  • Volleyball;
  • Water polo;
  • Rugby;
  • MMA
  • Biathlon;
  • Darts;
  • Floorball.

Moreover, you can bet even on Formula 1 or the most popular events from the world of chess. Any player can find the discipline that he knows best. And this will lead to big earnings on betting.

Positions to Bet on

When making a bet, a player can choose which starting position he will bet on. Here are some of them:

  • How the meeting will end: draw, victory of one or another team;
  • Double rate. In this case, the player will bet on two outcomes, and not necessarily based on the outcome of the meeting;
  • Score until the end of the match. If a player makes a bet directly during the match, then you can bet on the winning team for the remainder of the meeting. Even if the score is 2: 0 at the time of betting, it will conditionally be updated to 0: 0;
  • Who will score. Bet on which team will score the next goal in the match;
  • The total number of goals scored / points earned.

What bonuses can I get from PokerDom?

What bonuses can I get from PokerDom?

The site offers good bonuses to users who will put money on the site.

Encouragement will be awarded to players who enter multi-bets - bet on several events or outcomes at the same time. Moreover, there are some beta conditions:

  • The player must place a bet in the amount of 200 rubles (for each position);
  • The number of bets must be more than three (with a coefficient of 1.5).

Moreover, the reward will depend on how many events you set at the same time. When betting on 3-4 outcomes, you will be credited 5% bonus prizes. To get the maximum charge in 30%, you need to bet immediately on 10 outcomes. The more there are, the more difficult it is to win money.

This is how the bookmaker works. Betting on sports PokerDom will allow you to quickly earn a lot of money, especially if you are versed in any of the sports.

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