PokerStars working mirror to bypass site blocking

Mirror PokerStars is a "backup" site that completely duplicates the official online room. It is used by visitors to access branded software, information about current bonuses and technical support when blocking the main Red Peaks site.

Who is to blame for the blocking of PokerStars?

Who is to blame for the blocking of PokerStars?

In 2009, Roskomnadzor took away the status of "sports" poker, and in return assigned the status of a "gambling" game. Since then, without exception, all sites on which gamblers have been blocked.

How the blocking works:

  • Supervisory authorities track "suspicious" sites;
  • Roskomnadzor creates an application to restrict access to the online room;
  • Local providers are blocking the detected site.

Fortunately, the blocking process takes a lot - from 3 to 6 months from the moment the poker room was discovered. And so that regular visitors of PokerStars always have access to the room, the management from time to time creates its exact copies - mirrors.

What is a PokerStars mirror?

Mirror PokerStars is a virtual counterpart of the official site of "Red Peaks", which has identical:

  • Options;
  • Content;
  • Navigation;
  • Visual design.

The twin brother is unique only by the url-address, which in addition to the word "pokerstars" contains additional characters - numbers and letters. Thanks to this, providers do not detect it for a very long time, so visitors can safely visit the online room.

How to visit the PokerStars mirror?

How to visit the PokerStars mirror?

The Red Peaks guide does not advise visitors to search for mirrors through search engines. The risk of entering a fraudulent site is very high, therefore:

  • Look for mirrors only on PokerStars partner sites;
  • Contact the technical support of the online room for help.

On our website you can always find a link to the official working mirror of Stars. So for convenience, you can add it to your bookmarks so that you do not later engage in tedious searches for a PokerStars double.

Important points

There are quite a few PokerStars mirrors on Runet, but in reality not all of them belong to the management of the online room. Therefore, we recommend contacting:

  • To affiliates of poker rooms to get a link to a working mirror;
  • Support Starzov when it detects suspicious duplicate sites.

Game forums and chats are full of links to copies Pokerstarsbut be careful. If the site seems suspicious to you, under no circumstances log into it and do not download software from there. If you are unable to find the Stars mirror yourself, write to support at [email protected].

PokerStars Mirror Features

The twin site has the same functionality as its blocked “brother”. Therefore, the visitors of the room have access to:

  • Download proprietary software - poker clients for phones and PCs;
  • Up-to-date content - information about bonuses, upcoming poker events;
  • Registration - creating a gaming profile at PokerStars;
  • Technical support - communication with support operators.

The virtual duplicate and the official PokerStars website are created on the basis of the same program code. Therefore, they do not differ from each other either in design or in functionality.

How else to bypass the PokerStars blocking?

Some players of the online room do not want to refuse in principle from visiting the official website of Stars. Therefore, they use different methods to bypass provider blocking:

  • Turbo mode is a special browser option that provides access to blocked resources. At the moment it is available in Yandex and Opera browsers.
  • Browser plugins are special extensions that change the user's geolocation. The software modules hide the visitor's IP address, so he can visit any blocked sites.
  • Anonymizers are an intermediary portal that provides connection to blocked sites through a chain of third-party servers. To use them, you do not need to download software, you just need to specify the url of the blocked online room.

If additional methods for bypassing the blocking seem complicated to you, you can always use the PokerStars mirror.

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