The player completed the tasks of PokerStars and ended up in the hospital

The famous poker player Arlie Shaban recently took part in a special challenge, which was prepared for him by the organizers of the platform Pokerstars... For the successful completion of all tasks, which are called "12 labors of Arly", the player is promised to be awarded the Platinum Pass, which costs 30 thousand dollars.

At the same time, all tasks have a direct analogy and a reference to the famous exploits of Hercules, but designed specifically for Arlie in a comic manner. Prior to that, the player has already completed six tasks, including "defeating the Stymphalic bird", where Arlie, during the broadcast of their fight, had to piss off the famous streamer James Hartigan. This was one of the last assignments, and Arlie confidently moved forward.

The seventh quest was not without a small unpleasant incident, due to which the poker player ended up straight in the hospital. It also referred to the ancient myth, in which Hercules had to catch and pacify a wild bull, which is why he followed the instructions of Eurystheus to travel to the island of Crete. The bull from mythology was gifted to the owner of this island, Minos, by the great Poseidon.

In Arlie's quest, the poker player did not have to look for a real bull and perform other extremely dangerous tricks. Instead of a wild beast, he needed to catch Tyson the Apostle, for which Arlie used a bicycle. Despite the fact that the previous tasks were completed without any injuries or incidents, for the seventh time, Arly was a little less fortunate: in the end he had to go to the hospital. The fact is that during the chase, the poker player hurt himself and hit his eye, which is why he needed hospitalization. But in the end, everything ended well, and the player had already managed to report that there was no serious danger, because he escaped with only one bruise.

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