Tonkaaaa won on $17 390 in The Sunday Mega Deep at 888poker

888poker tonkaaa

Last Sunday on his own Twitch stream, the ambassador recalled himself 888poker Parker "Tonkaaaa" Talbot. The Canadian pro won The Sunday Mega Deep, the main major of the eights live, earning $17 390 in the heads-up deal. The second was a player from Latvia under the nickname "sikosomatik", his prize was $16 511. Among the Russian-speaking players, he showed the best result in the tournament CoinShipper - $2783 for 7th place.

Another well-known professional and poker coach, Sam "sammygrinder" Grafton, has been torn apart at the "eights" for the second week in a row. The Briton finished second in The Whale last week and has now won The Sunday Deepstack Monsoon. First place in this tournament earned him $2956.

Among other results, we note the 6th line of Anton "YSoSerious7" Yakuba in the turbocharged version of The Mega Deep, which is now being played in progressive knockout format. This result brought our player $561 + $556. And the only title in the Sunday majors among our players was the Russian DamnWorld. He excelled in The Sunday DeepStack Starfish tournament. The top line in the final protocol earned him $1548.

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