888poker room will be updated before the end of the year - what to expect?

Competition in online poker is growing, and revenues 888poker are falling rapidly. The first step towards the recovery of 888 Holdings was the announcement of a new version of the client - Poker 8 due out before the end of 2018.

The next room upgrade is the emergence of a new unique mode. At a meeting of investors, the company was presented Pik'em poker. There are no details about the game except its name yet. But it is known that the chief operating director at 888 Holdings, Itai Pazner, separately noted the development and called the regime new, unique and innovative.

It can be assumed that 888poker is making a serious bet on its new development. But what can Pik'em Poker be like?

Allows you to choose starting hands from several sets?

Based on the name (to pick - choose), it can be assumed that 888poker will give its players the opportunity to choose one of several proposed options for starting hands. Something similar is provided for in the rules of Irish Poker, where a player receives four cards preflop. Of these, he must choose two with whom he will continue the game. This mode could be found at Full Tilt Poker before they were bought by PokerStars.

An alternative is Playtech Pick'em Poker. In this mode, the player first receives two pocket cards. And then two more sets of three cards. Given the starting hand, you need to choose the most suitable set and make the most powerful combination of 5 cards.

Looking at current trends, we can assume that Pik'em Poker will become a form of cash poker. But completely excluding the tournament option is not yet possible.

What's new at 888poker right now?

While the development departments are working on upgrading the client and the new regime, the Eights delight players with less ambitious innovations. So, events in the Progressive Knockout format appeared in the room - tournament events with an increasing award for knocking out a player.

The format was tested in the God of the Arena series from October 11 to 14. And the main event of the series was held with a guarantee of $1 million.

Thus, 888poker launched a vigorous activity to return to the game. And in the near future the site is waiting for the most ambitious updates over the past 7 years.

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