StarsWallet - a "star" wallet from PokerStars

IN Pokerstars constantly working on business diversification and the search for new areas and opportunities in it. So now the room announced the start of a trial period of its own payment system, which was called StarsWallet. Wirecard AG, a company that is one of the world leaders in electronic payments, has become their partner in introducing this innovation.

The new payment system will work on the principle on which the activities of other similar payment systems are based - as a symbiosis of an electronic wallet and a virtual card, which can be paid for goods and services, including on the World Wide Web. At the request of participants in the system, an order is also available for a real MasterCard plastic card, which, among other things, will make it possible to withdraw cash from ATMs and POS terminals adapted for issuing.

Users must enter the account through the system’s website or through a special application that is already available for both iOS and Android. At the same time, StarsWallet and the account at PokerStars, despite the direct connection between themselves, will work in parallel - money from the wallet to the account and back will need to be transferred. PokerStars promises that soon it will be done instantly and without any commissions.

All this will be, but for now ...

So far, the new payment system is being tested and can work exclusively with BetStars - a betting account that is also in orbit of PokerStars. The full functionality of StarsWallet will be available as soon as all procedural issues between the company and the government regulator of the gaming sphere are resolved.

In addition, only residents of the United Kingdom can register with StarsWallet at the moment. The room announced the imminent launch of its payment system in other countries, but the deadlines were not given. Some users have already managed to find analogies with the previous PokerStars project - the notorious StarsCard, which was also originally conceived as an international payment card, but in the end remained exclusively the British prerogative.

At the same time, access to StarsWallet in the Russian Federation is not planned yet. The support service answers standardly all user questions about "the efforts made by the company to expand the list of countries in which the system will be available."

It’s not entirely clear how PokerStars plan to act against the background of imminent competition with the monsters of the market in the form of Neteller and Skrill. The only really possible option for a successful struggle may be the introduction of a commission for using all payment systems, except for their own wallet. But be that as it may, I want to believe that this time PokerStars will succeed in everything they claim.

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