Cannot be confiscated - Pokerdom puts commas correctly

The classic linguistic riddle with the correct punctuation mark by the most popular Russian-speaking room has been successfully solved. True, this took some time, but everyone who participated in the events described below was satisfied with the outcome of the case.

It all started with the fact that the user by name Alexei, playing under the pseudonym switch, played blackjack. After about one thousand two hundred hands, which took three days - April 21-24 - it turned out that during this time he won without fifty dollars $16 thousand.

However, instead of joy, Alexei had to experience disappointment - he received not money on the account, but a letter from the security service. It contained a link to a third-party operator who allegedly suspected suspicious activity in the actions of the switch and suggested Pokerdom cancel the result of the game and confiscate money in connection with the alleged violation of the rules.

Of course, Alexey did not put up with this state of affairs and three days after the end of the game he went to the forum Gipsyteam with a request to judge who is right. The representative of Pokerdom, who entered the discussion, outlined his vision - they say, the user was also lucky, because they could have taken away the entire bankroll from him, and so it was only about the cancellation of the win, allegedly received by means of card counting, which is prohibited by the rules - paragraph 3.12 says that the game can only be played for recreation and pleasure.

But the visitors to the forum together rose up against the smart guy: if you read the rules quoted by the person from Pokerdom, it turns out that the room only allows its users to lose, and any win in any discipline can also be canceled with non-payment of funds and even confiscation of the bankroll. That is, if you follow this point, a player who acted in the same way as supposedly a switch, but loses the same or any other amount, could demand their return - after all, he did not rest and did not have fun, but counted cards!

Here the Pokerdom representative calmed down a little - we were talking about advanced game, that is, a game that is not prohibited: after all, no one forbids winning at the casino. Yes, the pros who go to gambling houses to earn money are considered persona non grata there, and they are usually asked to take the winnings and not appear again, but this behavior is not a fraud, and therefore the room is wrong.

After all, Alexey did not cheat, did not use prohibited software or problems with the Pokerdom client, and of course he did not read shirts - before Phila Ivey switch with all due respect has not matured yet. Moreover, in four days and over a thousand hands, you can even make 16 thousand on the basis of ordinary mathematical laws.

Well, and most importantly, it was not Pokerdom who sorted out the situation, but a third party, and the timid attempts of the room's representative to send Alexey to Evolution Gaming, who allegedly sent evidence on several sheets, crashed. Indeed, if there is a conflict between the two sides, and here is someone else. This became the final argument for the switch to return the total winnings.

Moreover, Pokerdom had to not only get money out of its own pocket - after all, they had previously confiscated Alexey's winnings and handed it over to Evolution Gaming - but also apologized to him: reputation is more expensive.

If Pokerdom understood this in time, there would be no problem. Now the room can only concretize its rules, describing in them what cannot be done, in all details, and rejecting vague formulations and general words.

Nobody is interested in how Pokerdom will deal with Evolution Gaming - the main thing is that the poker community has once again proved that it is a formidable force. The only good news is that the room was not afraid of discussions, and its representative, who, although he said what no one likes, adequately presented his company. All is well that ends well!

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