Galfond wins the mini-version of the challenge named after him

May sixth of this year will go down in history as the date of the next triumph of one of the living legends of poker named Phil Galfond. On this day, he successfully played a mini version of the challenge named after him against Daniel Cates, known in the gaming community as junglemandan, is so successful that the prefix “mini” is somehow embarrassing to pronounce.

The four-hour marathon consisted of 754 distributions, and according to its results, the Galfond bankroll replenished by 86.9 thousand euros. The game was played in Omaha on two tables of the HU of a limit of 100/200 euros, which at some points had a rather significant impact on the balance: for example, at times Phil lost up to one and a half thousand euros, and Daniel was the undisputed leader for at least the first hundred distributions.

But the result turned out to be exactly as described in the heading, and during this period Galfond's mini-challenges came to an end - in this schedule, the meeting with Cates was the last in a row. Before that, Phil launched similar marathons against the notorious Bill perkins and player under a pseudonym Actionfreak.

In general, Galfond's mini-challenges became a logical continuation of his famous match against VeniVidi1993 - Phil appreciated the attention of the gaming community, which riveted these battles, and creatively approached their development. Thanks to all these games, his bankroll grew by a total of half a million euros, and managed by him Run It Once Poker gained a lot of new users and viewers watching the broadcasts held by him.

Apparently, both the amount in the assets of Galfond and his audience will continue to grow - after all, marathons against Perkins and ActionFreak are still in the process. More than a thousand distributions were played with the first, and the end-edge is not visible to this, and with the second the situation is even more interesting, because after Phil lost in the last two distributions of 160 thousand euros, he is still in the quarter by a million plus, and there are three times more distributions ahead.

However, it can still change. Firstly, Omaha at such high limits is unpredictable, and secondly, as soon as this marathon, Galfond ends, and he has already announced this, he will launch three more - against Brandon adams, Chance Cornet and Daniel Cates Rematch.

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