New PokerDom Withdraw Rules

Poker Operator Administrators PokerDom decided to adjust the rules for withdrawing funds and making money transfers on their site.

So, for example, from October 1, the old limits on the amounts available for withdrawal will cease to apply. This concerns, first of all, the need to constantly win back their deposits, which undoubtedly made many users happy. However, the new rules do not apply to additional bonus offers.

Together with the cancellation of these restrictions, new commissions will be introduced, which the site will collect when withdrawing funds. The standard commission is now set at three percent, and its size will not be affected in any way by the history of past withdrawals from the account. With these fees, the poker operator plans to cover the costs that it will incur due to the removal of the restrictions.

PokerDom administrators also point out the need to pay a special commission when making money transactions between players within the site. The commission here will be only one percent. All these updates begin to work on October 1 at 12:00 Moscow time.

Thus, new and regular PokerDom customers should take into account all these changes when withdrawing their funds and when making other transfers.

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