PartyPoker Sponsors European Golf Games

After the loud news that Partypoker For the second time in a row, they were recognized as the best online poker platform, and many players have become even more interested in this platform. The company decided not to dwell on these achievements and is now continuing an active marketing campaign. In particular, recently it became known about a new agreement, thanks to which the poker room will become a partner of the PGA EuroPro Tour, which hosts major European golf competitions.

As such, PartyPoker will be promoting the PGA on the Internet and in the rest of its media. Of course, many are worried about why the company needs it?

It is, of course, all about the advertising that the PGA will provide to the poker operator during their games, which will prove useful to PartyPoker looking to continue to capture the European market. It is important to note here that strict laws in many European countries do not allow direct advertising of gambling services, but thanks to this partnership, PartyPoker will still be able to show their brand to a large audience.

In addition, the poker operator will be able to attend special events within the Rose & Thistle Trophy Golf, as they will have three promotional packages provided by the organizers. For example, PartyPoker can donate tickets and rights to participate in European golf competitions to its players.

All this speaks of the wise and rather calculating marketing that the company is conducting, wishing to reach even more European public. According to representatives of both companies, their cooperation will go into the hands of both parties.

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