A film was made about the replenishment of the Ukrainian sports poker team

Soon the national team of Ukraine in sports poker is waiting for a new test - another round Nations Cupin which the strongest teams of the world participate. In order to confront opponents with dignity and on equal terms, the All-Ukrainian Federation decided to conduct another selection - this time along with Pokermatch.

It began at the end of last year and differed from the previous ones in that it was exclusively attended by the fair sex. First, they had to go through several simple tasks, and the final test was to be a special tournament, which was held first online, and then, in the final stage, already “live” - as part of a series UA Millionshosted by PokerMatch.

In order to find out who in poker battles for their Fatherland will become Olga Yermolcheva’s fighting friend, it took many hours spent by the audience under the comments of Olga herself. Heads-up included representative of Ivano-Frankivsk Irina Falzon and Kharkiv Anna Mazno.

According to the results of the battle, it became clear that, together with Ermolcheva, the honor of sports poker of Ukraine will be defended by a representative of her first capital. And so that all the vicissitudes of selection are forever imprinted in the memory of its participants (and at the same time to popularize the game), based on this marathon, a film was shot that can already be watched at PokerMatch - I must say, an exciting sight came out!

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