888poker has improved its loyalty program

Now, to conquer the levels, starting from the tenth, you need much less points. Hurrah!

The G8's VIP program began to be redesigned back in 2016. Then, instead of several premium statuses, an unlimited number of levels appeared. For the achievement of each of them, the player is entitled to a reward. But as the player grew, it took more and more points to move up a notch. 888poker decided to make life easier for players and reduced the thresholds for points for high levels.

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General concept

When you play for real money in any of the 888 client areas, for every cent of rake generated, you earn one loyalty point. In addition, points are also transferred for completing tasks: inviting friends or playing in the application for a certain number of days in a row.

Points are accumulated and gradually fill the scale of the first level. When it becomes full, the player moves to the second level. To close it, you need to score a certain number of points from above. Etc.

Scoring scheme:

1 point = 1 cent rake at the poker tables;

1 point = 20 cents of casino bets;

1 point = 16 cents on sports bets (at odds of 1.5 or more).

What is the essence of the reform?

The higher the level that the player has reached, the harder it is for him to climb one more step up. Moreover, earlier the gaps between the levels were more impressive. And now the administration has reduced the number of points that are required to rise to the tenth level and higher.

Previously, 225 points were required to get to level 10, now it is 200. But the changes at levels 60+ are much more noticeable.

How are these changes beneficial?

For reaching each level, a multiple of five, players receive a scratch card. She, in turn, can give a cash prize, a valuable tournament ticket, a free bet, etc. If it becomes easier to grow in levels, scratch cards will appear more often.

Reaching each level in multiples of ten gives the player access to daily 888poker freerolls. At the 100th level, you can participate in the event with a guarantee of as much as $10,000!

What else do you need to consider?

Gold tokens will be credited not for the amount of the achieved level, but for the number of points earned. No cheating will happen here. However, the approach is honest and transparent.

Taking into account the fact that it is easier to overcome the level itself, the link to points is quite fair. And additional scratch cards and freerolls in any case will bring the player to a plus.

How do I know my level and number of points?

You can track your progress in the loyalty program in any game client - using the right panel of the main lobby. If you click on this cell, you can find out more information and use other useful options of the VIP program.

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