Helpful changes to the 888poker tournament schedule

The word "benefit" in this case is by no means a figure of speech. The adjusted positions of the calendar of Fish'N'Chips tournaments allowed a much larger number of people to take part in them, and not only in terms of schedule or technical capabilities, but also in terms of prospects.

888 poker tournaments

What exactly has 888poker done new? First of all, the previous multi-table games were removed, instead of which “fish” tournaments were introduced. Eights decided to play on their consonance with the name of the national British dish - fish and potato chips: in English "chips" means both potato slices and poker chips. So the only thing left to do was fish.

Therefore, the new tournaments have received such a name. Moreover, depending on them, they were distributed according to the amount of payment for participation in them:

  • Goldfish - this was the name of the tournament with a buy-in at $1;
  • Blowfish - $ 5 tournament;
  • Catfish - buy-in $12;
  • Starfish - $22,
  • Swordfish - $ 30 buy-in.

Yes, possibly after changes made 888poker, tournaments have slightly increased in price, but the opportunities for users have increased. The number of formats has increased - now there are freezeouts, and turbo, and rebuy tournaments, and much more - and, in theory, this is the main innovation: the previous "fish" tournaments have been consolidated into a common category of the same name "Big Fish" - BIG Fish.

There will be six of them in total:

  • The first one, with a buy-in of $ 5.5, the possibility of five re-entries and a guarantee of five thousand dollars, will start at five in the evening (hereinafter, the time is indicated in Moscow), and late registration will be available within two hours after the start ;
  • The second one starts at 18:30, the participation fee will be $ $33, and the guarantee is 15 thousand. Late registration will last up to 200 minutes, and by the end of the registration, five thousand chips of the starting stack will be equal to only five big blinds - this is its structure;
  • The third tournament is completely similar to the first, except that it will start at half past eight in the evening, and the guarantee in it will be the same as in the second, i.e. 15 thousand dollars;
  • The fourth will start at exactly 21:00, and it will also be possible up to five re-entries within two and a half hours after the start. Participation fee $ 16.5, guarantee - 20 thousand;
  • Within half an hour after it, the key, fifth tournament will begin - a buy-in of $ 33, a guaranteed prize pool of $35 thousand, late registration two hundred minutes;
  • And the last tournament from the BIG Fish category, surprisingly, is not a turbo format, although it will start half an hour before midnight. Participation fee $16.5, $ 10,000 guarantee, late registration period 150 minutes.  

A new tab has been added to the 888poker lobby especially for fish games. BIG Fish tournaments are side by side with qualifying and satellite events. This, as well as the changes in the tournament schedule, were made specifically in order to keep users for another series of Eights - XL Inferno (by the way, 888poker prepared and launched several very generous and promising promotions for this event).

More information on the official 888poker website under the heading tournaments.

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