Twenty days in a bathroom without light - the poker player won the bet and $62,000

Poker players Rich Alati and Rory Young argued for $100,000. According to the terms of the bet, Alati had to hold 30 days in the bathroom. Without light and completely isolated. Leaving the premises ahead of schedule, he would be obliged to pay his opponent one hundred thousand dollars. But Rich handled the test so well that the argument ended early.

Rich Alati

Twenty days after the start of the dispute, Alati felt good and was ready to spend in the bathroom the remaining time under the terms of the bet. But the experiment ended earlier than expected. Moreover, the initiator was the opponent of the guy locked in the bathroom. Rory Young realized that Rich was likely to hold out for the remaining time. So he decided to save at least some of the money. As a result, the guys came to a compromise: the bet ended on the twentieth day, and the winner received $62,000.

It's funny that after the announcement of the dispute, almost no one believed in Alati's success. In a poll on the 2 + 2 poker forum, 80% people admitted that they would not accept such a bet. And in the comments, most agreed that 30 days in a closed bathroom is too much.

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