Get a tournament ticket from 888 Poker for a Twitter post

If you do not participate in freeroll tournaments due to the fact that you can not complete challenges to receive an invitation - ticket per tweet 888 poker will be the perfect solution. The poker room offers players to participate in a large-scale poker tournament just for posting a mention of it on the Twitter social network. A few clicks - and you can already participate in the tournament without any additional tasks and conditions!

Ticket receipt scheme

In order to receive a pass to the free tournament, the user must first register at the poker room. The official description of the promotion does not mention the need to verify your account, but we recommend that you complete this procedure before you start participating in the promotion (this way it will be much easier for you to cash out your possible winnings).

So, the procedure for obtaining tournament tickets is very simple and consists of only three steps:

  1. Download the Official 888 Poker Poker Client.
  2. Log in and go to the promotion page.
  3. Copy the message from the promotion page and post it to your Twitter account. Don't forget to subscribe to the official poker room account @ 888poker.

The text of the message contains harmless information like "My username at 888 Poker" You will need to insert your nickname here ", and I want to participate in the freeroll tournament [the date of the next freeroll tournament will be automatically entered here]". Also several poker room hashtags are automatically added to the post. That is, no disclosure of personal information - everything is reliable and secure.

By the way, the poker room does not limit participation according to the characteristics of the Twitter account: you can have as many subscribers (or not at all) or posts. The main thing is that only one Twitter account is linked to one account in the poker room.

If you did everything correctly, your seat in the tournament will be automatically booked. Each time you copy a message for retweet, the system counts how many users have already “booked” their seats for a particular date. The current date is inserted into your message, for which there are still places.

By the way, it's interesting to follow 888 Poker on other social networks as well. You can subscribe to the official pages of the poker room on Facebook and Instagram. It is from there that regular players learn more quickly than others information about upcoming promotions and bonus offers of the poker room. Also, the account administration often uploads interesting news and interviews with popular poker players. You can also contact support there (your problem can be escalated and solved faster through social networks).

If you haven't created or used an 888 Poker account before, now is the time! The poker room offers a large number of promotions and constantly updates the game list. You will be able to play Texas Hold'em, several types of Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, etc. There are also free freeroll tournaments every day, in addition to the one you get tickets for via Twitter.

Terms of action

The good news is that by participating in the ticket for Tweet, you do not cancel other promotions and can receive a first deposit bonus and fully participate in the loyalty program.

Each user can receive a ticket for a tweet six hours before the start of a particular tournament (even if there are seats left for the tournament, but less than 6 hours before the event, tweets will not be counted). The tournament ticket is provided to the player automatically after he subscribes to the official Twitter account of the poker room and tweets a message.

Regardless of the number of tweets, one Twitter account can only receive one tournament ticket.

A ticket to tweet 888 poker is a great promotion that requires only two steps (follow + tweet) and will help you win real money!

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