Time to tighten your belts

Did you miss the changes to the PokerStars loyalty program? So here they are.


Each euro of rake that a player earned in the tournament is now worth not 100, but only 45 points. The innovation will take effect on February 15. In SNG, cash and spins, the exchange rate will remain the same.

Bonus payments to tournament players have been cut in half, but these funds will not disappear without a trace.

Severin Russet did not give specific examples of how the room is going to use the money of tournament players and got off with only general phrases about record guarantees in online series and the organization of the best live tournaments in the world.

New chests

The reduction in payout to tournament players is just the first change to Stars Rewards this year. During 2019, the room plans to engage in the reform of the "chests" system.

Chests will be three times more expensive, but they will drop three times less often.

PS will get rid of "boosts", periods when players earn double points. It will be more difficult for players to get to the chests, but they will cost more.

Today PS uses a six-level chest system. The more expensive the chest, the more valuable the rewards in it.

Chest levels at Pokerstars

To get a blue chest, you must win four red ones during the day. To win bronze - four blue ones. Etc. Every day the path has to start over. You will soon forget about this system.

In the future, to move to a new level, you will have to win ten chests, but not in a day, but within 28 days.

PS plans to make six levels of chests. To reach a new level, you need to earn 10 chests, but not in a day, but within 28 days.

If you have not reached a new chest, you can exchange the current number of points for a bonus. This will solve the problem with unclaimed rewards.

“As always, we are glad to receive feedback, write what you think about the evolution of our loyalty program on the forums and in social networks. We are ready to learn from your experience, ”Severin Russet urges players.

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