New PartyPoker Leaderboards

Taking advantage of the fact that during a pandemic and self-isolation, the audience of poker operators increases, and traffic grows without any special efforts on their part, many rooms prefer not to invent bicycles, but to squeeze the maximum out of their usual forms and methods. So, PartyPoker decided to act through time-tested and practical leaderboards, and now they are implementing them wherever possible.

The first swallow fluttered over the fast format fastforward, where an event to promote user loyalty was launched last year. Then, already at the close of 2019, it was Sit'n'Go, for whom the weekly leaderboard was also launched, and at the beginning of the current there were similar ratings for Hold'em and Omaha for cash (with a quarter of a million every week) and separately for Diamond participants Club Elite - not to mix aces and grind aces. 

Well, from March 30, a similar table will appear for Spins, and it will also be formed in several versions at once. Depending on the size of the limits, it will be from micro (to one dollar), mini for 3-5 dollars, low for 10 and 20 cu, average at fifty and one hundred dollars and high - at $250 and $500.

The total daily payout for these leaderboards will be 12.5 thousand dollars. If we talk about prizes for players, then their size will range from five dollars for the lowest places in the rating of micro limits to thousands of dollars for winning the leaderboard of high stakes.

True, the devil in the details did not ignore this PartyPoker promotion. Money wins will be paid only for the first three places on the leaderboard - all the rest will be rewarded with tickets of the corresponding denomination in Spins.

The formula for calculating a position in a leaderboard is rather complicated: it contains both the logarithm, and the square root, and, of course, multiplication. However, these are nuances, since the user does not have to do it himself - all mathematical and algebraic actions will be carried out automatically.

The appearance of this leaderboard is not only indicative of the trend that has begun at home Partypoker, but also what it can lead to. Do not worry about the ominous sound of this phrase - in fact, the speech is that one day Rob Jong (and where without him?) Will solemnly announce the launch of the next leaderboard, now for MTT.   

And finally, another news, which, however, does not mention leaderboards, but we are talking about one of the most popular PartyPoker series - Powerfest. It has been extended until April 5, and the number of tournaments in it will increase by more than eight dozen, and in at least three of them the entry fee will amount to 5.2 thousand dollars.

Of course, with an increase in the duration of the series, its guaranteed prize pool, which will now exceed the mark of ten million dollars, automatically becomes larger. However, PartyPoker can afford it: even with seven-figure guarantees, overlays do not happen, and their average excess amounts to a quarter of a million dollars or more.

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