PokerStars Jackpot Tournament

For reasons still unknown to the general gaming community, the online poker school Poker stars lately it collapses with enviable regularity, not letting its students into itself, and users studying in it are losing confidence and patience.

The school really has problems. For nine years of work, its listeners have got used to the fact that they have constant access to special training materials, training videos, online training, and all this in different languages, including Russian, and all this does not need to be paid for.

Poker school at PokerStars

Now, it’s impossible to watch, read, or play (and many put special emphasis on this - stocks in the school made it possible to build a bankroll without financial investments). Moreover, the long-awaited jackpot in the "Card of Fortune" was never drawn, and 5.2 thousand dollars did not find its owner.

Therefore, PokerStars decided to hold a special tournament and play the long-suffering jackpot in it, so that no one was left offended and lost. This event will take place on Sunday, October 13, beginning at 17:05 Moscow time, and the school students will be able to pick up a ticket for it in the "Starzes" client tab called "Service".

And the school will not work for now - the technical problems that have seized it are too serious. Rum announced this officially, adding that in the near future all students will be transferred to a new portal, which will be even easier and more enjoyable to study.

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