Vanessa Selbst says goodbye to poker

Alas, it's true: that same Vanessa Selbst, the only, unique and most successful woman in the world of poker throughout its history, leaves the game.

The results Vanessa has achieved over the course of her phenomenal career are impressive, with three World Series of Poker bracelets and over $ 11.85 million - the first (and second) that immediately catches your eye. However, upon closer examination, it turns out that Ms. Selbst remained in favor with Fortuna until the end of 2015: just two years later, all her successes were reduced to two hits in the prize zone.

Vanessa herself explains this with a kind of fatigue and the need to finally have an orderly life - at least less travel: lately, especially after what the poker players of the world called Black Friday, she only did what she wandered around the world. And poker itself has changed a lot - now every tournament requires incredible tension and tough self-control, but the discipline of Selbst, as she herself admits, has never been her strong point.

From now on, poker pro Vanessa Selbst will cease to exist - instead of her, a girl with the same first and last name will work in one of the hedge funds. However, while her retirement from professional poker also entails automatic expulsion from Pokerstars Team, Vanessa will still play: after so many years at the table, poker has become a part of her, and she simply cannot live without him.

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