Arseny "josef_shvejk" Karmatsky again played at the final of The Whale at 888poker

For the second week in a row, the captain of 8-Team Russia Arseniy “josef_shvejk” Karmatsky claimed for the top-1 in the most expensive tournament of the weekend 888poker, the thousand-strongman The Whale. But this time, Arseny failed to repeat the result of last week. In the final protocol, he was beaten by two: compatriot “blowjob1987”, who had already appeared 7 days ago at the final of The Sunday Challenge, and Briton “SpitOnGraves”. The latter won the title and $20 815 for the top 1. Arseny's prize for 3rd place was $8550.

In the Sunday Mega Deep on $215 on the podium, another Russian regular was noted 888poker "Msksevart". The most successful player of the G-8s of 2017 continues to break the clearing in 2018. The next five-digit Russian made out in the second largest major on Sunday, taking second place in the mega-dip - the success of the performance was rated at $11 223. The Swede won the tournament “Namlleh”.

Two of our players also reminded themselves of The Sunday Mega Deep: Anton YSoSerious7 Yakuba left the 6th line and Gleb Ti0373 Tremzin finished 8th.

The return of Anton to 888poker from offline was also noticed by members of The GREAT 8 - here, the speaker under the Ukrainian flag “YSoSerious7” managed to get to 4th place, which brought him $1822. The second place in the reporting tournament was taken by another Russian player “sweet_dr34ms” with the result $3323.

Finally, we note the top-1 of the Kazakhstani player “DoIT7777” in the Sunday Monsoon tournament, the Russian “Dablinov” was beaten in heads-up. The triumphs of the "monsoon" got $2784 and $2007, respectively. On the 7th line the Ukrainian regular Gleb “psyhoagromor” Kovtunov finished the tournament.

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